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Can You Help Me with My Homework?

“Can Someone Help Me Do My Homework For Me, Please?”- Don’t Request, Just Order!

❶This rule can hardly be applied nowadays since education system has been changed drastically over last decade. Some of my responsibilities have included training new staff and planning products.

Would you please correct my homework?

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Re: Would you please correct my homework?

But to compare the system with Asia, there is something that is fundamentally different: America still values the maverick, the inventor, the loudmouth class clown, the individual with a vision. And American kids growing up saying I -- as in "I disagree" -- without having a second thought. It is not so easy for an Asian kid in a Confucian family household to say something like that. As a frequent judge of high school writing contests, I find it curious that in many Asian American entries the writer, who otherwise has perfect command of English, could not use the first-person narrative, the I.

It gets stuck in the throat, somehow, and does not come off easily on the written page, and he or she often resorts to "one" instead of "I", even when addressing a topic as close to home as family. I myself remember those dull tropical afternoons in Saigon where I recited poetry classics in front of an old geezer of a literature teacher who smoked.

If I always cried at poetry recital it was for good reasons. Each time I forgot a word his ruler would land deftly on my open palm. And that, I might add, was the bulk of my Vietnamese literature education -- from which I rebelled and yet, to the astonishment of my parents, became an American writer. A friend who taught English in Japan once told me that in her classroom of Advance Placement high-school seniors, none will answer a simple question.

It is no wonder the immigrant from those regions is often woefully incapable of dealing with the expressive expanse we call America, where the ego is, given the right dosage, what gives creativity and invention a large boost, and where, in English classes at least, raising your hand to offer your opinions is not only encouraged but counts toward your final grade -- and it is where the Asian student, though studious, often falters. No wonder many still opt for the sciences, where language is not abstract but logical.

What she wanted is a clear-cut answer. Alas, only if it were true. She told him he had better find a more serious theme and rewrite his paper if he wanted a better grade.

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A lot of students bring to us their requests saying please assist me with my HW assignment and we cater to their needs because we know we can do it in the best way possible. Pay Someone to Help Me With My Homework is a Incredibly Excellent Idea.

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Would you help me with my homework please? - Answered by a verified Programmer. Dec 31,  · If you have some suggestions for improvement to write a critic, it would be very nice of you when you say it to me. Thanks in advance ;-) Would you please correct my homework?