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Shakespeare's Sonnets Questions and Answers

His inspiration for his plays

❶In what sense is the love of the two people in "Sonnet 75" still alive today?

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I am currently situated in India. I am doing my English Honours degree from Calcutta University. Apart from being a tutor, both online and at home, I also write my own I am studying Special Education as well as English, and am on track to become a certified K-6 special educator.

I have a broad range of interests when Tutoring is my passion and I it gives me immense joy to reach out to students and be able to help them become more confident with subjects that they are unsure about. Tutor of 2 yrs, looking to help you succeed, using humor and encouragement. In what sense is the love of the two people in "Sonnet 75" still alive today? The love described in "Sonnet 75" is undoubtedly extant; while it may not be that love of a poet for his patron as is conveyed in this particular sonnet, the expression of love that is written can Which of the following best describes the whole structure All line citations are taken from the text available at the Shakespeare Online reference provided.

Which of the following best describes the whole structure of the poem as a whole? Can you summarize Friends and Flatterers by William Shakespeare? The poem is a lament by the speaker about fickleness. The speaker, upon an occasion, hears a nightingale sing and takes pity on the poor bird for its beautiful song sounds like a wail. What is the imagery in Sonnet ? Although many of the lines from Sonnet are simply abstract statements about love, we do find several examples of imagery: Why and how did Shakespeare use the sonnet form?

There is more than one form of the sonnet. Shakespeare popularized the English sonnet. It has three quatrains four-line stanzas and a rhymed couplet two-line stanza at the end. What does William Shakespeare mean by "If this be error and upon me proved, I never writ nor no Let me not to the marriage of true mindsAdmit impediments.

Love is not loveWhich alters What is an interpretation of sonnet by William Shakespeare? In this angry sonnet, the narrator curses the Dark Lady he is in love with because she has also trapped the heart of the young man the narrator is also in love with.

The narrator feels enslaved and What was the purpose of Sonnet 1? Shakespeare used the English sonnet form to develop a metaphor in three quatrains groupings of four lines and then an outcome in the final couplet two lines. The speaker in sonnet 1 addresses Each of the following questions references Shakespearean sonnets: How many syllables are in A Shakespearean sonnet is written in iambic pentameter, a type of meter.

What does the speaker in Sonnet 73 compare himself to? What do each of these comparisons have in The speaker in sonnet 73 compares himself to yellowed leaves, ruined church buildings, twilight, sunset and a last glowing ember lying in the ashes of a fire that is almost burned out. How can I analyze "Sonnet 84" by William Shakespeare? You can analyze a poem in a variety of ways by taking into account rhyme, meter, theme, subject, structure, etc.

I always like to start with rhyme. Shakespeare had a deservedly high opinion of his poetic genius. It is a bit uncanny that he seems to be knowing that we will be reading his lines so many years after his death. In quite a few What is the problem or conflict in Sonnet ? The "problem" in Sonnet is that Shakespeare is attempting to write an over-the-top sonnet full of elevated language about a woman who is clearly only ordinary looking -- or perhaps even ugly It is a characteristic to be found in many of his sonnets that he deviates from the iambic pentameter lines at one turning point.

Why are ideas of love, friendship, and marriage the subject of many Shakespearean sonnets, such First, in Sonnet 80, Shakespeare is addressing a young man, It essentially says the following: What is the character of the speaker in sonnets 18 and ? The speaker in both sonnets is a man presumably who does not care about what a woman looks like, only how beautiful she is inside.

He is mature enough to overlook physicality and focus on the Why did Shakespeare write his sonnets? We have no evidence of why William Shakespeare wrote his sonnets. He did not leave behind any account of his reasons for writing them. Because he wrote before the advent of copyright, he would not First, you have chosen your authors. Next you have chosen your theme, and now you are working on What are the similarities and differences in form and content between the Shakespearean Sonnet The Italian term sonetto simply means a short or little song.

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William Shakespeare was born in Stratford-upon-Avon in April Shakespeare’s wife’s name was Anne Hathaway. Shakespeare had three children: Susanna, Hamnet and Judith.

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By , Shakespeare was both famous and very rich thanks to the writing of his plays. By this point, Shakespeare was one of the people who owned Lord Chamberlain’s Men. Special thanks to Here is a video explaining Shakespeare’s childhood. This is an extended piece of homework that I set for my year 8s. It gives them the choice. I have found this format works quite well/5(28).