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Both times he was experiencing a corner case issue. With Dell, he spent a few months trying to have a new but broken laptop fixed. The service rep noticed that he was a few weeks outside of his Apple care warranty, but instead of charging him for the service, he said:. I see that you are out of warranty here, so you might want to extend that. Some level of rules will always be necessary. But in the case of Apple, the service rep was empowered to make the right call, to break the rules to adhere to the larger vision.

Test Userlike for free and chat with your customers on your website, Facebook Messenger, and Telegram. A strong service philosophy empowers your frontline employees to make the right decisions. This makes your service faster and more flexible. Careful contemplation is the first step. The following questions will help you with that. This makes it a good point to start.

How is your company helping your customers? Is service your main product? Or is it to support your product? One side argues that exceeding expectations results in skyrocketing customer loyalty and virality potential. Companies achieve success with both approaches. Make up your thoughts on what camp you want to be in. Values are the essence that flows from your philosophy. They are, as Coca-Cola puts it, a behavioral compass.

Your values could include words like "Respect", "Patience", "Transparency", etc. Courtesy and showmanship are crucial in a theme park, but no one cares about the Fantasy Parade when little Johnny tumbles out of the roller coaster. These are filtered from your values. One about dealing with angry customers could be: They must think on their feet. In our previous post on customer service techniques we covered mantras used by the service departments of companies like Apple and Disney. But having it down on paper — preferably a digestible one-pager — will allow your service reps to reread and internalize it.

Take your answers from above and integrate them into a coherent piece. The above step is where most companies stop. Maybe a manager will mention the manifest in a meeting, urging everyone to internalize it, after which it turns into a dead document.

It means that a person is forced to ask questions and find the answers to the problem of how material and ideal, good and evil, past and present, present and future are related. Two main features characterize the philosophical worldview: The subject of the study is the world in general, people, society, the principles and laws of the world. The role of philosophy is determined primarily by the fact that it serves as the theoretical basis of ideology, and answers the questions of human orientation in the world of culture along with spiritual values.

Worldview is closely linked to philosophy; they are not the same, but rather related concepts as worldview is the basis of philosophy. Philosophy is a complex ancient science of the most fundamental questions that arise while thinking about humankind and our place in the world, the root causes and the beginning of everything. Many students study philosophy for the development of their outlook. Today this subject is in an educational program of almost all universities. Philosophy is an amazing subject.

This science allows you to discover new sides of life. Not every student will be able to comprehend this science, especially because it is a quite multi-faceted subject. Often, this science can be described as a form of ideology, or a theory, the discipline of a human action, which includes knowledge of the processes. There are many different kinds of philosophy metaphysics, logic, epistemology, ethics, aesthetics, ontology ; each is characterized by subject and research methods.

Obviously, to have a good understanding of the diverse philosophical trends, it is necessary to master more than one tutorial to reveal the essence of the main periods of formation and development of this science. Therefore, students have to explore a wide variety of books, which do not always help to understand the intricacies of philosophy.

Philosophy studies the human beings and their relationship with the outside world. This science is very abstract. The lack of clear definitions, formulas, rules, and even the exact approved definition of philosophy itself baffles many students of technical specialties. However, any philosophical reasoning is strictly rational, logical and intelligent.

Therefore, writing the philosophy dissertation, essay, or just any paper on the subject is not such a simple task. It requires the ability to write a literary text and operate with a variety of specific terms.

And without knowing how to write philosophy paper, one cannot complete any project assigned successfully. There are numerous types of philosophical papers you may be given to write in academic facilities. Essays in philosophy are rather complicated tasks, but they allow students to develop critical thinking skills and do not take too much time to work on.

Such assignments are given to the students pretty often, which means it might be necessary to review special aspects of their completion more closely. Philosophy essay is a composition of a free literary form.

It describes personal impressions and thoughts on a particular subject. Even when you have no specific requirements how to write your essay, it is vital to remember that each thought presented must be reasoned, and structure of the paper has to be consistent.

The information should be conveyed in a logical, but at the same time, in an emotional manner. Depending on the topic, you will either have to rely on the factual data or on the own perception. Philosophy thesis should convey your own thoughts on a particular subject. It is a small, but a very important part of the introduction, which comprises the purpose of the paper and the information you will discuss.

Thesis in philosophy essay should be very exact and let the reader understand how you will approach the topic. At the same time, information should be set out clearly, correctly and exquisitely. Any essay about philosophy consists of the sections, typical for this type of work.

However, you can always look up the structure in the philosophy article on the web if you feel unsure. Also, it is better to present a few outline options to the instructor in case the one you have picked is not the best for your essay.

The most suitable suggestions can be found at the philosophy homework help websites, so take some time to review a few. There are a few other types of assignments that may be required by the curriculum, and they all can be described as research projects.

The main guidelines for their writing are rather similar.


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Therefore, writing the philosophy dissertation, essay, or just any paper on the subject is not such a simple task. It requires the ability to write a literary text and operate with a variety of specific terms.

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