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High School Research Paper Topics You Shouldn’t Pass By

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❶Students will evaluate media to distinguish between scholarly or other appropriate sources and unsubstantiated opinion. Is 21 a perfect age for legal alcohol drinking?

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need help writing a senior high school english paper
Main Objective
Welcome to Reddit,

Cognitive modules can also be acquired by learning. As one goes through childhood and into adulthood, their actions and thoughts, as well as internal subconscious processes are altered because of this.

This is an area where we are, as it stands, quite different from machines: This statement establishes the very essence of a core difference between man and machine. It is not that we can respond to a situation or give an answer to a question faster than a computer, but that we can overwrite the so called code that we were born with, and replace it with what we find is more logical or appealing.

Granted, this can prove to be detrimental to certain aspects of our lives, the ability itself to change or regulate our own framework is crucial to being human. To react to a certain situation, the brain has to select a cognitive module s. It does this by simultaneously testing many at once to see which fit properly give the right output given some sort of sensory input.

The brain makes a selection based on the module that sends back the strongest signal. An example of this at work is when one feels pain in different parts of the body - only the strongest of the pains will be felt. Few computers and thus AI have this ability to activate millions of modules and match certain ones to situations. Even more so, the capability to recognize two modules that are similar, but not identical to a new situation is unique for humans.

In other words, a computer is able to acknowledge two people getting a traffic ticket by violating the same law, but cannot for example, understand that one of those people was pulled over for a different reason altogether, thus the situations are similar, but not identical. To understand the philosophy of something, we must first understand the fundamentals behind it and why it works. The heart of every computer or more technically, the brain is a small chip called the CPU, which stands for central processing unit.

It handles all the inputs and commands that are given to the computer and translates them into electrical impulses and allows the computer to function the way it does.

CPUs are made up of millions of gates, which are in turn made of smaller parts called transistors. These are equivalent to the nerve bundles and cognitive modules found in the Human brain.

The latches create circuits that are loops, which hold information this can be interpreted as memory in a human. The decoder then creates locations for the memory to be stored physically written out in binary code. Registers are unique memory locations that can be accessed very quickly. These are less like memory in humans, and more like the reflexes such as the knee jerk. Next are the buses, which are small wire-like structures that carry information back and forth in the CPU.

These are very similar to nerve bundles found in the brain and across the human body. These are related to AI in because these are what make the AI work. All it is is a transfer of information from an input to an output and back. There are three types of buses - address, data, and control.

It is used essentially in all actions, seeing as for any loop of data to be created, something has to count the loop number and give an accurate reading of data processed in any given second.

It is created of complex circuitry involving transistors. The ALU can add, subtract, multiply, divide, and perform other functions to binary numbers. The last part of the CPU is called the control unit.

This unit is built into many different parts of the CPU so that each bit of information can travel where it is supposed to Brookshear, J. So can it be accomplished - can humans give rise to smart machines whose intelligence is greater than that of ours?

The first machines that could achieve petaflop speeds one thousand trillion calculations became operational just last year. Rattner says that the industry of supercomputers is already looking toward the making of a machine that could break the exaflop barrier thousand times faster.

Limitations like these prove to be quite difficult to overcome. Here we have something tricky. We can observe ourselves observing, something that is not seen in not only computers, but any other creature on Earth "Terminating the Terminator. Computers, being so straightforward and logical, will certainly achieve sentience and become more intelligent than us.

The structure that makes computers work - a series of ones and zeroes - is so brilliant and simplistic, that when compounded over and over again, patterns emerge. And through these patterns, an electrical impulse from an input can be converted into solutions to problems and new ways of thinking, ones that even humans cannot comprehend.

There are plenty of people that are born with the ability to do complicated math problems in their head, but that does not signify their intelligence. It is just another skill that a particular person has acquired.

Likewise, a machine that can process worksheet with millions of bits of data and find patterns in it is not considered to be smart. Intelligence is, at the fundamental level, the ability to learn and then apply the knowledge to a new way of thinking. Please read our Privacy and Cookies Policy to learn more. If you are afraid that your personal information may be disclosed to any third parties, with WriteMyPapers. The custom papers our authors write are checked several times in order to eliminate any inconsistencies.

This allows us to deliver a product of the highest possible quality for you. Our custom writing service employs not only professional writers, but also editors with relevant experience and profound knowledge of the English language as well as of different subject fields.

Thus, we have done everything we could to make your cooperation with our custom paper writing service as clear and convenient as possible. The custom writings service we deliver is not aimed at deceiving and disappointing your professors. While writing papers with our help, you can significantly improve your writing skills and learn formatting and structuring rules.

You are in no way encouraged to pass the completed paper as one of yours, but instead you should take it as a basis for writing a paper of your own. To find out more, you are welcome to view this page.

The custom essay writing services we render can definitely help you whenever any problems with academic writing appear. A "gum man" appears in the South American story Love and Roast Chicken , a "tar baby" appears in the American slave tales of Brer Rabbit, and the southwestern United States character Coyote gets stumped by a lump of pitch 4. For my students the recognition of these similarities leads to the realization that the stories traveled by way of the slave trade routes.

With some having slave ancestors, my students really enjoy discussing the tradition of oral tales and the passing on of stories to preserve culture. The trickster lends himself so well to the research project because he is everywhere in a rich literature.

After students have a foundation of knowledge about the trickster and background on his stories they will be able to find him featured in literature as well as in subtle references. It is an exciting time for a teacher when the students start making the leaps without help.

In her book on myth in American culture, Jeanne Campbell Reesman states: As half of the senior English class consists of British literature, finding the trickster in Shakespeare and Chaucer becomes a fun challenge for the students. As we move forward in time we begin to study areas culturally and find a plethora of folk tales involving him as Iktomi and Coyote in the southwestern United States, Raven in the northwestern U.

If we have time we will culminate our study with a film depicting a modern confidence man, as in Matchstick Men. In order for the research paper to address relevant standards, the structure will be the same for each student.

The first part of the paper will address the trickster and trickster tale in general. This will allow for cooperative learning, as well as ease in using research facilities. Because Washington has a very weak media center, I inevitably spend two or three weekends at the downtown Atlanta Public Library helping students do their research. When several students can share the research materials, I find they stay at the library longer and find the assignment less isolating.

Students will research and compose an original research project which will prepare them for freshman level English at a four year university. Students will compose an original literature-based research paper utilizing the Modern Language Association citation format.

Students will evaluate media to distinguish between scholarly or other appropriate sources and unsubstantiated opinion. Students will complete a thesis, introduction, bibliography cards, note cards, outline, and a rough draft.

Students will read a novel of their choice and identify trickster characters, identifying possible reasons for why the author chose this character. Students will compose a series of letters to the instructor concerning what they have read and how they feel about what they have read.

Students will compare and contrast the trickster character of their piece of literature with the tricksters we study as a class.

Students will research the background of the trickster and the culture s from which he comes; they will then make connections with the piece of literature they have read. Students will present findings to the class utilizing all public speaking conventions.

Students will create visual aides consisting of maps and artifacts of their chosen culture. Students will compose an original script for a trickster tale in the form of a puppet show. Students will create puppets utilizing various materials. Students will perform an original play incorporating the conventions of trickster stories. I plan to introduce the trickster unit to the students by sharing with them various trickster tales from around the globe.

In the following days, a list of books, plays, poems, and short stories will be available for the students to study, and by the end of the week they will have chosen their piece of literature. While we are examining the Ashanti culture and going through the research paper process, students will be reading and taking notes on their literary pieces.

They will be identifying trickster characters in the pieces and doing research on the author. Earlier in the year we will have reviewed the conventional elements of literature, so students will know what to look for.

Over the next couple of weeks we will read a different Anansi trickster tale each day and take notes about the relevant history, conventions, variations, and character motives involved. Basically, as a class we will complete the first part of the research paper together.

Thanks to inclusion, the skill levels in an average senior English class may range from 3rd grade reading level to college level. This makes teaching a research paper a very difficult thing.

Owing to the very wide range of skill levels in each of my classes, some students will regurgitate what we discuss in class in their paper. At least they have gone through the motions of writing a research paper for any future schooling they may choose. I am usually fully aware of which of my students are headed to college because of information about them in surveys, prior writing assignments and many letters of recommendation.

Also, during this period students will be reading their choice of literature from my reading list. In each one to two page letter, students will tell me about major plot events and the characters to which they have been introduced. They will predict where they think the plot will go, and, if some sort of intrigue has arisen, they will determine character motives, including who the possible tricksters are and what role they will play.

When we have done similar assignments in the past, the students have enjoyed rereading their letters after they have finished the books and seeing what assumptions were correct or off base and which predictions came to pass.

Three Saturdays during this period of time will be spent at the Auburn Avenue library of African American studies in downtown Atlanta. Acquiring a library card is a homework assignment the first week of school, so all children will have access to this fantastic resource. I will spend each Saturday from 10 a. In a perfect world the students could look up the books they need online prior to our Saturdays; however, internet is limited in my room and with temperamental computers it is easier to go through the research process at the actual library.

I fax a copy of the assignment sheet and rubric to the librarian ahead of time so that students who work there on Saturdays get quality help. I help them locate the proper books needed, we sit at a large reserved table, and I help them write out bibliography citations and note cards. Since several students will not study African tricksters or pieces of literature, we will split our time between Auburn and the main downtown library, which also has an extensive reference collection.

While all of this research is going on outside of class we will be preparing the thesis statement, bibliography cards, note cards, and outlines in class. Students will also be reviewing all punctuation rules and sentence structure rules.

We will have a mini-lesson on commonly confused words and a fun spell check lesson similar to the one passed around through email. As a class, we will read the first page of several sample research papers from all subjects and writing levels, and the students will identify the thesis statements. Up until now our students have been writing essays and their thesis statements have been something like: If I went to Mars and could only bring one item with me it would be my computer so I could listen to music, play on the internet, and email all of my friends.

While this passes as a thesis statement for a short, but not very good, essay, it lacks style. Style and voice are what we will work on over the next few days. Students will learn that in a research paper the thesis statement may take up several sentences. Parallel structure rules will be reinforced in this lesson. We will look at several research papers, written in various ways, that still convey relevant information. Bibliography cards are one of the most important lessons we learn in preparing to write.

Our bibliography cards are arranged as follows: This is the time when we focus on appropriate sources. The students and I usually surf the internet looking for sites on aliens. We evaluate the sites on how realistic they seem and then search to find out who put them on the web. When the students see that Joe Blow from Podunk touts his site as the definitive work on alien life on this planet, they get the point.

We look at the suffixes of web addresses and what they mean by looking up whitehouse. That also drives home the point of misinformation on the web as well as distinguishing between an article and an advertisement. I am with them for the trips to the library, so evaluating books and articles takes place on a one on one basis.

Students will be required to turn in twenty bibliography cards. It is very important that the lesson on note cards immediately follow that on bibliography cards; otherwise students run the risk of misnumbering the cards. Each note card should be filled out as follows: It is vital that students understand the logic behind numbering both sets of cards. They sometimes find it difficult to grasp that they may have ten note cards with the number This system of numbering makes the works cited page easy to do.

Students will be required to turn in fifty note cards. After completing their statement of controlling purpose, the students will use their note cards to assemble their outlines. We move desks out of the way and the students spread out on the floor, and occasionally the hall, and then "deal" their note cards. Students group their cards in the order assigned in the assignment sheet parts one, two and three and then in the subdivisions that make sense to them.

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