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Chemistry is the field of science which studies the interaction of various chemical substances that consist of one or more atoms or else the subatomic particles described as neutrons, electrons and protons. The beginning of chemistry can be traced backside to very old practices famous as alchemy, those practices were very popular for quite a few millions of years in different parts of the world, in particular in the Middle East. The configuration and structure of any object we normally use or come across or the characteristics of matter we frequently interact with are actually a consequence of the properties of chemical substances and their interactions with each other.

Say for example, steel is tougher than iron for the reason that its atoms are bound jointly in a more rigid crystalline lattice when compared to iron; again timber burns by going through rapid oxidation, since it can respond impulsively with oxygen in a chemical reaction that takes place beyond a particular temperature; salt and sugar dissolve in water as their ionic and molecular properties are such that dissolution is what is favored in the neighboring conditions.

Various fields within chemistry are conventionally grouped by means of the kind of material being studied. Involves the study of inorganic substances 2 Organic Chemistry: Deals with carbon based matter 3 Biochemistry: It is concerned with the study of substances found in biological organisms.

It employs various chemical processes connecting physical concepts such like quantum mechanics and thermodynamics. Study of analysis of material samples to get an understanding of their chemical structure and composition. Although, a lot of sub disciplines are being included in chemistry such as neurochemistry which deals with the study of nervous system. Chemistry is strongly connected to biology and physics. And as usual, mathematics is a necessary tool for the learning of chemistry.

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