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Treacherous rescue set to resume for boys still stuck in Thai cave


❶Senior executives must never write their own resumes, judging by the phrases that litter their emails:

2. Experienced

Is your resume in need of a ‘refurbishment’?
Do you need help addressing selection criteria?
1. Responsible For

Rini Life Science Private Limited. Industrial Experience 1 Experience: Name and address of the employer: Spectrophotometer - High Performance Liquid Chromatography. I shall be very grateful to get a positive response from you.

Please find enclosed detailed resume for your perusal. Intend to build a carrier with leading corporate of hi-tech environment with committed and dedicated people who will help me to explore myself fully and realize my potential, willing to work as a key player in challenging and creative environment. Technical University Lucknow in High School From U.

Ms-Office , Internet Operating Systems: Excellent Relationship Management, Analytical and communication skills. I can handle high pressure situation in a excellent manner. Attended practical training in Jagsonpal Pharmaceutical Ltd.

Matura Road, Faridabad for four weeks in July Industrial visit in Albert David Ltd. May, to Till Date Job Profile: Carry out production activities as per production plan. Manufacturing of products as per BMR. Monitor, control and checking of in process checks during processing. Maintain online documentation related to production activities like BMR, log book, Balance verification and daily records.

Check on equipment qualification status. Batch reconciliation and yield control at various stages of manufacturing. Environmental control of production area. Maintaining equipments and area cleanliness. Carry out manufacturing of process validation batches. Checking of raw material as per BOM. Evaluation of Microencapsulation Project Description: By the all analytical testing microencapsulation was found a better drug release than tablet forms.

Brajesh Kumar Permanent Address: Indian Date Of Birth: Launching new town and develop it. I have been preparing my resume for my graduation. We have a career services department at my college. I had one of the women look over my resume. Some of the corrections she made were adding these words to the resume.

Maybe she should take a look at this site. Your legions of fans miss you…. Man, you could be writing a book in this time. Here are a couple more articles with some resume pointers from Dumb Little Man and squawkfox. Click here for the link. Great article, and very true. Instead, Squawkfox did it. Interesting you are advising people to demonstrate they over estimate as a rule of thumb.

Not sure that adds value to CVs. There is a balance between bullish advertising and making yourself look like a grabbing budget player. At the end of the day even if one was given a lofty deadline by a client, professionalism should compel us all to tell them so and re-plan. There was a great post that I came across a few months ago that emphasized 6 words or phrases that make your resume […].

I love this post. Thanks for the info. I am reading everywhere about computer systems that scan for key words. Mary Scannable resume keywords are mostly found in these categories: Your bullet points are crucial. Be specific and informative with your points. That tells me absolutely nothing. Is my example perfect? Absolutely not, but it helps to paint a clearer picture of what the student actually did.

The last thing you want is have fluffy words that make your resume suck. I wonder your thoughts on brevity. I just got this link via Twitter, and have shared it with many already! Again, great tips, and I will be adding a link to this post for my clients. So sometimes those filler words will get your resume into the right hands. And sometimes they just suck! I also read recently that it is the most commonly used phrase on resumes.

I see resumes every day that have these mistakes and no factual backing. For me I think this is helpful insight but not absolute.

Vacancies have a lot of elements -timing, personality, skills and more. They taught us 10 phrases to put on a resumee,the six Shown on this site were 6 of the When i went for my interview, the employer said to me that everything i did was wrong, that typically she would not have hired me… but she did because she had to. I have had resmuees out on potential employers desks with these 6 phrases on them for 5 years, and have never even gotten a call back, i knew something is wrong and this site is the proof.

I think if these are suck words then employers should not be writting them in the job description either. All the information provided above is excellent! I really feel inspired and hopefully will at least get an interview now with my new CV!!!

Please understand that I went to school when teachers required us to use words carefully and appropriately. Suck is not a professional word and has no place in any publication for adults. But when I read anything with suck in the title, I just shut down and turn off. How did this word become such a throw-away, such an easy stand in for so many other words?

I say that we take the more difficult road and say what we mean. In this case, you mean words that deter HR representatives and prospective employers from taking your resume seriously.

You can consult a thesaurus or dictionary. I love this advice. We advise against the use of words like this and I think it really matters. I have a problem. Show me you are the solution. I agree with some of the posts that you do need a summary or headlines that quickly define your professional profile, but then get to the action.

Good advice that I will pass on to my group. Remind the employer that with an inexperience comes the prospect of training you the way he wants you to work. No bad habits to undo. I would like to share that some MNC uses a system to generate resumes based on some of the keywords meant for the position advertised.

This saves time for processing which equals cost-saving. Yes, some of them are in my resume and will stay there. I think this article makes a great point but not all careers can be measured in numbers like most of the good examples. Besides, does this really mean anything to anyone? Authors share stories with others using their unique style and are not afraid to ruffle a few feathers with their voice.

Forget about blogging schedules, post lengths, and SEO keywords by focusing on […]. Also, check out this tutorial on creating grid-based […]. This cut throat article provides 6 key phrases to not include when creating or updating your […]. What planet are you from? I originally PAID to have a professional resume written. Guess what term they used all throughout my resume?

They merely state that they need someone responsible for such and such tasks. Unless you want to look like absent-minded profane. All that is true. I will likely throw your cv out if I see a lot of that.

Other tips for […]. There are some great examples here to help you rework boring phrases that are resume […]. Just what I needed! It is too bad that rtard HR people screen resumes, but that is the way it is. Thanks again, this helped me! I disagree with pretty much every single thing wrote here. These are things that are considered almost mandatory by almost every single employer I know and even things I require when I look at resumes.

Is that just as bad? Is my objective opener a dim witted dinosaur? Thanks, some of these helped me. You may have accomplished that in spite of you being a poor team player, meaning something else unmentioned is the actual strength.

Having said that, you being so specific in your article is part of what made it more useful than most, as well as more open to criticism, so kudos! The above statement is often seen on resumes for Human Resources or other service oriented jobs. I like every thing you have mentioned. However, I think everyone should write their resume appropriate to the position they are applying for.

Some resumes need to be detailed and others need to be very brief. If I am applying for a job to be a manager i will definitely put in more information. If i am applying for a server job at a restaurant, I would hope I dont have to explain too much. It all is dynamic to the position one is applying to. I have been applying for administrative jobs for months, but I have only interviewed once.

I am qualified for these positions, though I need to add more quantitative evidence to my resume. My question for FOX is, should I change my name? It is Tamsi… and I think there is a chance it is holding me back. A phrase like reduced customer support calls can be misleading. How did you do it? Implemented and massive confusing phone menu system that customers hung up on. I want to make it clear that this is neither a comment on the usefulness of the post nor it is a personal vendetta against any of you out there who have contributed to the quality discussion — of course including the blogger.

Yes, it is a justified rant. My honest opinion is an outcome of experiences over many years — of the so called HR industry — which has become inefficient and fussy. It has become a machine with almost zero tolerance in terms of the input that it can process.

It is so limited by its narrow compatibility with the human reality. Where is the H in the HR? Listen up, you are not sitting there to get impressed by the stuff resumes that you read!?! You are there to find a right match for the job. Somebody teach that wisdom to those thoughless recruiters?? That simply means that you are not enjoying your work!: Yours is not the place to behave like audiences of entertainment shows!

Do the damn job! If you have no spheres to accept greater responsibility for the industry that you are working within, then you quit! Unfortunately they do not match telepathic perfection. They are USED to communicate. And HR industry is supposed to practice the art of subtle magic, to be the instrument of change for organisations — not to change the bloody trends?!? Jobseekers are not there to scratch your ego or please your senses. Best advise I have came across on the use of key words — the examples are great… …reworking on my CV and Cover Letters.

Thank you for the information. But this topic about words or phrases that suck is a little contradictory as many of those words are actually listed in the job descriptions and are keywords.

Experienced, Excellent communication skills, detail oriented, a team player, etc. Do you recommend to avoid those words in all cases? Thank you again for your information. Giving away that I have no experience is worse than being unclear. Stay away from that awful MBA-speak: I am still serving my time for this horrible […].

Totally agree that these terms are meaningless on resumes, but what about in job postings by companies? I keep hearing that you need to quantify your resume.

However, I am in marketing, not sales and have no access to the numbers. They usually say marketing has no ROI, so how do I get around that? Colleges need to instruct students about writing useful resumes. My love for my career has made me think about other avenues. I never worked in sales or had to beat deadlines in a business environment. You have made some interesting points.

I find that I am inclined to bang my head against the desk at this point. I am now concerned with how many mistakes may be found in the cover letters and resumes that have left my mailbox for points across Ohio. Thank you for a taking the time to put this together. Best part — I now have something to do with the four hours I usually sleep!

Seriously though, thank you. Great tips, as valid today as when they were written. Possibly more so with so many resumes out there on the market. I just graduated from College 2 years ago and I am still seeking work, so perhaps my professor is wrong, and I need to change things, but I was told that professionals still have very busy schedules to keep and that hiring someone is usually just thrown on top of those duties.

Therefore, the first thing they will often look at is how wordy the resume is, and throw it out based on that. No fleshing out the english and being proper. Builtpoints, lists, and word sentences are a resume-readers favorite things. Now I know this was written a few years ago, so have things changed again, or am I being taught wrongly?

The only difficulty with applying this advice today 3 years after it was written is that a lot of organizations that collect resumes through an online portal use computer programs to sift through the first cut of resumes.

Very aggravating, to be honest. For example if you are a Team Manager, that is the feature. Team Manager of how many people, what did you do to support those people, etc.

I just made that up in around 10 seconds…. I have written and read several articles on what to avoid or what to include in a resume. Your straight forward approach gets the job done. You made me giggle to myself as I read through your examples.

I see them so often and they just make me shake my head. Thank you for the blunt and entertaining method. But this topic about words or phrases that suck is a little contradictory as many of those words are actually listed in the job descriptions……Colleges should also teach the students about how to write resumes…. Otherwise a well written blog…. Quantifying your results via numbers, percentages, or awards, is an excellent strategy to use to ensure your resume is effective.

In addition, only include information which is relevant and recent within the past years to avoid age discrimination.

It varies by industry and employer. Everything from a large corporation to an entrepreneur looking for their next investment consider different resume approaches appropriate or desirable.

Um, how exactly are you going to quantify without numbers? Not much of a quantification. I have tried both these styles. I can honestly say I saw no difference in outcome. It is almost impossible to quantify a secretarial or reception job. But you can give examples of unique responsibilities you were given, or new skills you acquired. I currently tailor my resume to the job description, but if you are attempting to apply for several positions in one company via an online tool, that is impossible, so it becomes generic.

My last employer has cut almost positions from a strong work force. I was laid off, rehired within a month, laid off the following year. My co worker had a BA and was working as a receptionist, and had been averaging 3 applications a month for 4 years. It seems it is no longer what you know but who you know. For example, for three jobs I sent applications for there were 55, 69 and 93 acceptable applications passed to the search committees.

Two I did not get interviews for. Unfortunately this company also has a rule that the committee must interview 4 applicants, but most of the positions are already taken by the interim worker. The third is my best hope, as I have a friend who has spoken to the manager for me. That particular manager is old school, and will probably be looking for the buzz words.

So many of us who are over 50 and in the habit of writing resumes using these words have had a hard time rewording these phrases. Your article really help me see in back and while how I could better present and sell myself in my resume! This will set you apart. If you want to say you helped in some way give an example of what you did to enable the benefit to the company or others in making it transpire.

Remember you only have seconds to get the employers attention. The employer would ask you such things in an interview as well but they want what results you have provided. Numbers, percentages, and comparisons. In doing so you position yourself to the employer as if in a way that says this is what i have done and this is what i can do and this is what the results are to become even better if you hire me. There are words that say you done something but you want to show them in your words from the field your in when explaining.

Everyone wants to be successful and get the position they desire to settle down with in life. Following up is the another way to say i was there then and you needed more time for the answers i always had that i can provide now when you hire me. Just showing the employer you are a one of a kind person is un avoidable.

Wow…what you explained to us was beyond valuable. I think we each should take you out for lunch when we land that job because without your tips we would have never been selected to interview for the positions!

Detail oriented sans hyphen works just fine, unless you are anally retentive. The basic rule I follow as an Editor-in-Chief of a tech pub is this: Use the least amount of ink possible. How to write a classy resignation letter.

A short resignation letter example that gets the job done A short resignation letter example that gets the job done. You should never work for free. Daphne January 19, at 3: ABCs of Investing January 19, at 4: Fabulously Broke January 19, at 4: Kerry January 19, at 4: Daphne Thank you so much for the Stumble! So happy you like. Do bloggers still need resumes? Jen January 19, at 5: MacGyver likes to utilize gum wrappers and paper clips to escape from bad guys.

The rest of us use our excellent communication skills. Rebecca January 19, at 5: Thanks so much for the post! MrsMoney January 19, at 5: Wow, this is awesome! I think I may pull out my resume and edit it. Stephen January 19, at 6: Sagan January 19, at 8: Nancy January 19, at 8: Brian January 19, at 8: Jude January 19, at 9: TStrump January 19, at Time to adjust my resume, I think. Amy January 19, at 1: Jesse January 19, at Melanie Reformed Spender January 19, at Coco January 20, at 6: Bruce January 22, at Devin January 22, at Kerry January 22, at Looks like this post went to the front page of Digg.

Now that my server is back up… Devin I keep my resume to 1 page. So happy you enjoyed. TStrump Get writing Mr. Jude You need to write a recipe book, and put that on your resume.

Khawaja January 22, at Sagan So happy you find these tips helpful. Stephen I love your gravatar. Totally cracks me up. Yes, I love Star Trek. MrsMoney Rebecca Editing is awesome. Go get that job! Utilized TextEdit to create technical documentation. Used TextEdit to write user manuals for 15, readers.

Thank you for a great article. Curt January 22, at 3: Andreas January 22, at 3: David Castro January 22, at 4: Oh, and you also hit the home page for delicious. Stu January 22, at 5: ArmyOfAardvarks January 22, at 5: John January 22, at 6: Gabba January 22, at 6: Diana Freedman January 22, at 6: Mike Kingscott January 22, at 7: Seraphim Collective January 22, at 8: Person L January 22, at 8: Timothy January 22, at 8: Very useful, and helped me fix up my own resume.

Worthington Wire January 22, at 9: Congrats you we featured on Worthington Wire! Keep up the good work. All the Best, Allison Worthington. How to Live in Canada January 22, at 9: Sumit January 22, at Sistah Ant January 22, at The Official Blog of Jobaloo.

Schweitzer January 22, at Josh Miller January 22, at January 22, at I have to go now. I have some rewriting to do… Great post. Azurith January 22, at 1: AGMycroft January 22, at 1: A tiny nitpick about 2 and the PHP example: Bryan January 22, at 1: Kerry January 22, at 1: Jaques January 22, at 1: HassJones January 22, at 2: Flarns January 22, at 2: Frank Booth January 22, at 2: Rick January 22, at 3: Wow, no wonder I didnt get the job……ive been writing: Wrote a crap manual 3 months over deadline.

January 22, at 3: P3epe January 22, at 3: Great guide, now I know what not to do when I decide to get a job. Azurith, Finding your first job out of college is always going to be a challenge. Thomas anderson January 22, at 3: Bander January 22, at 4: Marty January 22, at 4: David Christiansen January 22, at 4: Jon January 22, at 5: Nast January 22, at 5: Way to help people stay unemployed. Henry January 22, at 5: Spencer Alexander January 22, at 6: Keep up the good work! Never mind the resume, Fox — this is sound advice for any type of writing!

Gordon January 22, at 6: Or in other words, Use Active Voice. Robyn McIntyre January 22, at 6: Bill Bennett January 22, at 9: It may be different in the US. Interesting Blog January 22, at NNM January 23, at Gina January 23, at I really need this tips to polish up my resume. Tony Chung January 23, at 1: Sylvain January 23, at 1: Thanks Fox, you definitely have excellent written communication skills.

Mort January 23, at 2: Which words one uses is of less importance than what those words say…. Rewrite Your Resume January 23, at 2: Deevyuh January 23, at 3: Thanks for these incredible posts. Looking forward to the last part of this series. G Santos January 23, at 3: Jimmy January 23, at 6: Diamond January 23, at 6: Astromutt January 23, at 7: How do I quantify these? Sharkboy January 23, at 7: If you are caught in a lie, your not getting the job.

Resume Tips for Librarians and Information Professionals… Palabras que debes evitar en tu curriculum Area January 23, at 7: Brian January 23, at 7: My Secret Side Biz January 23, at 7: Chris January 23, at 8: PM Hut January 23, at 8: It is always better to list accomplishments rather than what you think of yourself.

You get the point. Jen January 23, at 8: LG January 23, at 9: Saver Queen January 23, at Excellent points — essentially, you have to show people who you are, not just tell them. Mike January 23, at Kerry January 23, at Foxxy D January 23, at 1: Peter January 23, at 2: CK January 23, at 2: Kerry January 23, at 3: So my resume is a combo of sucky and socky sock-it-to-me. So i believe this post is not good for the people who seeks jobs.

I went through my resume as I read and made some changes.. Winter Weather January 25, at 9: Colleen Aylward January 25, at 5: Wenff January 25, at 9: Lisa January 25, at Chiranth January 26, at 3:

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