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❶If you have taken extra classes, volunteered for a local organization or volunteered for an extra assignment at work, make sure those things make it to your resume.

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Any previous welding or cutting experience is considered an asset in a track worker. The railroad will provide additional training that is specific to the railroad industry, but previous experience will make the process smoother for you and the railroad you are hired onto. Track workers are also responsible for the track beds under the rail so previous experience with heavy equipment is also a plus.

Track workers may be required to run dozers, back hoes or track hoes. Any previous experience with this type of equipment will give you a leg up on the competition. The signal department is responsible for installing and maintaining the train control system and all crossing equipment. The equipment itself is very specialized and engineered specifically for railroad applications, but the theories behind it are not.

If you are interested in working on the construction side of signal work, a Class A CDL with air brake endorsement is required. The railroad will help you get one if you are qualified in all other aspects, but having one going in will help. Previous experience with cranes and backhoes is also a big plus. The communications department is becoming a bigger and bigger part of the train control system.

In addition to the train control system, the communications department is responsible for the installation and maintenance of radios, printers and end of train devices. To work in the communications department an FCC license or military equivalent is required.

Previous experience with fiber and CAT cable are also a plus. A few key skills for railroad jobs and a great work ethic will give you a great shot at getting hired on your railroad of choice. Prerequisite skills for railroad jobs There are a few things that all companies will require, regardless of the job type.

Use action words e. List information only applicable to the job posting. Avoid mentioning hobbies unless they are directly related to the position requirements.

Contact Information — Keep it Professional It is important to include a current phone number and a professional e-mail address in your resume, since this is how employers will get in touch with you. Before the Interview — Do Your Homework Arm yourself with background information about the company to make the interview less intimidating. What products and services they provide. New technological developments in the legislative and economics of the industry. The health of the industry in general.

What to take with you Three blue or black pens. Name, address, and phone number of interviewer. Directions to the interview site. Extra copies of your resume; unfolded, and in a manila envelope. Put your best foot forward by maintaining positive body language: Smile Make eye contact Give the interviewers a firm handshake—no death grip, sweaty palms, or dead fish Sit up straight Do not fidget Keep your hands visible Turn off your cell phone, and Do not chew gum. Typical Interview Questions Tell me about a problem at work and how you resolved it.

Tell me about a time you were given conflicting information and you had to make a decision. What was your greatest professional accomplishment, and why? What is the most challenging aspect of your work now? How do you decide what to do first when you have multiple tasks to perform? Describe the latest laws or principles that pertain to your profession.

How would your supervisor describe you? Do you prefer working alone or in a group? Where do you see yourself in 5, 10, 15 years from now? Why did you choose your current profession? Why do you want to leave your employer and work for us? How would you deal with a difficult subordinate? How would you deal with a team member you felt was not pulling his or her weight? Do you have any questions for us?

What NOT to Say in an Interview Employers will almost surely ask if you have any questions for them and will judge you based on the questions you do or do not ask. What does your company do? What are the salary and benefits for this position? How much vacation time will I have? Will my direct supervisor be nice? Rainier Railroad to resume operations following Colorado wildfire.

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Railroad Resume Templates. Travel the country with railroad jobs, which are a major part of operating, repairing, and maintaining the nation’s infrastructure. Finding the right words to say in a resume can be tricky, so download our railroad resume template to help you create a picture-perfect one. Create Resume. Joel Cooper. Main.

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Entry Level Railroad Resume Templates. Team skills and experience working with heavy machinery are also good to include on your resume. If you need a little help creating a resume, download our entry-level railroad resume template to ensure you get everything you need.

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Railroad Resume Example This railroad resume was created for a client that specialized in managing and railway operations for optimized efficiency. One potential concern is that this job seeker has held numerous jobs over the past decade. Looking for Railroad Resumes? Find Graded Railroad Resume Samples from the LiveCareer Resume Example Directory. Great place to start your job search.

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railroad resume examples The Underground Railroad is at once the story of one woman's ferocious will to escape the horrors of bondage and a shatteringly powerful meditation on history. The Railroad Trainman This book will give you the resume help you need so that you can either write your own using the resume tips, resume templates. Railroad resumes; Filter by: and the opportunity to help the company advance efficiently and productively. Michael Nuttmann. Experience. Railroad. To continue my Railroading career as a Machinist at the Flat Rock,MI location, I want to remain a asset to CN I will always be there when needed and won't hesitate to go the extra mile when when.