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❶The United Kingdom is the official name of the government that controls England, Scotland, Wales, and Cotton was in great demand both locally and abroad.

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What is one difference in the way the North and South recruited men for their armies? How did the Confederate loss at the Battle of Nashville affect southern troops?

Why was the Civil Rights Act of deemed unconstitutional? What was one of the main differences between indentured servitude and slavery? Why was the Shenandoah Valley important to both the Confederacy and the Union? Which general was in charge of the failed Union attack on Petersburg on June 15, ? Why did the Union army win the war? What was the significance of the Battle of Hampton Roads? Why did the South struggle economically?

In the Trans-Atlantic slave trade, where were most slaves taken to after leaving Africa? Why did Sherman undertake the March to the Sea? Register for a free trial Are you a student or a teacher? I am a student I am a teacher. Start Your Free Trial Today. Browse Browse by subject. Start your FREE trial. What best describes you?

Choose one Student Teacher Parent Tutor. Your goal is required. Email Email is required. What is the history of the Jamestown colony in Virginia? About one hundred settlers traveled on the Susan Constant, Godspeed, and Discovery for the new world. Explain why the Renaissance began in Italy. Primarily, the Renaissance began in Italy because this was the home of ancient Rome.

The Renaissance was inspired by humanism, the rediscovery of ancient Western learning. During this period, many Why did Eurasia conquer America, Africa, and Australia? The first was a pervasive religious imperialism founded on the Christian doctrine to spread Following Reconstruction, many Southern states passed legislation that became known as Jim Crow Hardships for African Americans living in the United States were far from over when slavery was abolished in The Civil War might have ended, and the final decision on the legality of slavery Thanks to the Bantu Education Act, which was effective from to , the education of black children in South Africa was controlled by the apartheid government.

The mission schools which black Explain how important black families, churches, schools, and other institutions were to the Several institutions helped African Americans come together during the Reconstruction period of American History. The church has long been an important part of the black experience in America, as Numerous states allow citizens to vote to change their state constitutions.

Should the process of The process of amending the Constitution is long and complex—and intentionally so. The Founding Fathers saw the Constitution as a bulwark against any kind of hasty, ill-thought-out policy Why did the American colonists use indentured servants? First, indentured servitude was essentially a contract of cheap labor between a worker and a colonist. As the colonies grew in North America, so did the vast amount of land controlled by the In her essay, Kamen uses the term "Archaic Greece" to limit her discussion broadly to the swath of time between B.

How would you describe US foreign policy in the nineteenth century? US foreign policy in the nineteenth century was quite fluid.

In the early part of the century, the United States fought a war with Britain, during the War of There were also concerns about What are the values of New Orleans subculture? New Orleans has a diverse and vibrant culture, which includes an overriding subculture related to the history of the city and the Mardi Gras parade. The Mardi Gras subculture refers to a variety of The Age of Exploration in most history textbooks, this term is used to refer to a period from the fifteenth century until the late seventeenth or early eighteenth century was enabled by a number There are a number of separate but related concepts here that involve the British Isles.

The United Kingdom is the official name of the government that controls England, Scotland, Wales, and What evidence does Charles Mann use to support his thesis in the book ? New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus, is the variety of evidence he marshals to support his thesis. How were baseball and football at the center of new leisure and mass culture in the late s?

Around this time, more people were able to join middle management at factories. This gave the United States a new leisure class who had disposable income to go to baseball and football games. The Radical Republicans did try to impeach President Johnson. The Radical Republicans believed that President Johnson was blocking attempts to help former slaves as they adjusted to being freed To what extent did Theodore Roosevelt demonstrate the leadership through his state of union address?

Lesson 9 - The Slave Trade Compromise: Lesson 1 - The Birth of the Republican Party: Lesson 2 - Abraham Lincoln: Lesson 3 - The Democratic National Convention: Lesson 4 - The Election of Lesson 1 - Secession of the Southern States: Lesson 2 - The Creation of the Confederacy: Lesson 4 - Civil War Begins: Northern and Southern Advantages Compared.

Civil War Blood is Shed. Lesson 7 - Robert Anderson in the Civil War: Lesson 3 - Comparing the Union and Confederate Armies: Lesson 4 - The Anaconda Plan: Lesson 7 - The Battle of Hampton Roads: Lesson 8 - The Battle of Shiloh: Lesson 9 - The Fight for the Mississippi River in Lesson 11 - The Battle of Antietam: Lesson 12 - The Battle of Fredericksburg: Lesson 13 - The Emancipation Proclamation: Creation, Context and Legacy.

Lesson 16 - General George McClellan: Lesson 17 - General George Meade: Lesson 1 - Casualties of the Civil War: Lesson 3 - African Americans in the Civil War: Lesson 4 - The Politics of War: Lesson 6 - Civilian Reaction in the Confederacy to the War: Lesson 7 - The Battle of Stones River: Lesson 8 - The Battle of Chancellorsville: Lesson 9 - Battle of Gettysburg: Lesson 10 - Control of the Mississippi: Lesson 11 - The Fight for Tennessee: Lesson 12 - The National Currency Act of Lesson 1 - General Ulysses S.

His Strategic Plan for Ending the War. Lesson 2 - The Wilderness Campaign: Lesson 3 - The Battle of Spotsylvania: Lesson 4 - The Battle of Cold Harbor: Lesson 5 - The Siege of Petersburg: Lesson 6 - Shenandoah Valley Campaigns: Lesson 7 - General William T.

Lesson 8 - The Battle of Mobile Bay: Lesson 9 - The Politics of President Abraham Lincoln is Re-Elected. Lesson 10 - The Battle of Nashville: Lesson 2 - The Fall of Richmond: The Capital of the Confederacy. Lesson 3 - General Robert E. Lesson 5 - The End of the Civil War: Lesson 6 - The Costs of the Civil War: Plans for a Reconstructed Union. Lesson 2 - President Andrew Johnson: Lesson 4 - The Reconstruction Amendments: The 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments.

Lesson 5 - The Impeachment of Andrew Johnson: Conflict Between President and Congress. Lesson 6 - Reconstruction in the South:

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Let us help you get through the Civil War topics you're learning about in history class with this engaging homework help course. You can watch video lessons on just the topics you're struggling with or review the whole course to help you complete your homework assignments or to study for a test.

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Jan 06,  · Civil War History homework help? History homework Civil War help plz!? A history homework help? American Civil War.? Answer Questions. Why do so many people talk about "fighting for our freedoms" when so many people nowadays just acknowledge the war-oil connection?Status: Resolved. The Civil War has been over for Civil War Homework Help civilcommunity of teachers, mentors and students just Nov 13, History Homework Help Civil War - Order custom written sample essays Let us help you get through the Civil War topics youre learning about in history class with this engaging homework help course.

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Help With History Homework The History course may make a gripping and page-turning reading, but it can be boring and hard to manage as well. Everything depends on the topic under exploration, the textbooks and sources used . History Questions and Answers - Discover the community of teachers, mentors and students just like you that can answer any question you might have on History eNotes Home Homework Help.