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❶Doctors have been disciplined and even struck off for this sort of thing.

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In term one, the student will formulate a topic, and by the start of term two, will be assigned to an advisor. Early in term two, the student and advisor will agree the research topic and an outline for the Independent Research Essay. Research and writing continues in terms two and three and throughout the summer. The advisor provides advice and comments on a draft portion of the Independent Research Essay. Additional support is provided by legal research and writing mentors.

The best preparation for the Independent Research Essay is to read articles in respected journals in related areas of law and you are encouraged to do this before you arrive at UCL.

When selecting your modules you may choose up to 30 credits from graduate modules taught in other UCL faculties and departments. The module or modules chosen must help build a coherent programme of study and be commensurate with the LLM. Before registering on modules taught in other UCL faculties or departments, you must first receive approval from the Director of Taught Graduate Programmes and from the host faculty or department.

With just over 70 graduate taught modules to choose from, there are thousands of possible combinations of study on the LLM. To get the most out of your LLM degree it is important that you plan your degree pathway, module choices and IRE topic before you arrive.

To successfully complete the LLM programme you must complete credits, comprising of credits of Masters level taught modules offered in the Faculty of Laws and the compulsory 12,word Independent Research Essay worth credits. Subject to approval, this can be amended to include a maximum of credits of Masters level taught modules from another faculty or department at UCL. All modules studied must be Masters level taught modules within UCL. It is not possible to study Undergraduate level taught modules at UCL nor Masters level taught modules at another institution in order to obtain credits as part of the LLM programme.

If you choose to obtain the general LLM Law degree you can choose to study any combination of credits of Masters level taught modules on offer in the Faculty of Laws. The compulsory 12,word Independent Research Essay may be written on any area of law.

If you wish to obtain a LLM specialist degree you must study credits of Masters level taught modules including a minimum of credits of qualifying taught modules for that specialist degree pathway.

You may take more than credits of qualifying taught modules if you so wish. The remaining credits can be obtained from studying other Masters level taught modules on offer in the Faculty of Laws, including a maximum of credits of Masters level taught modules from another faculty or department at UCL, subject to approval. The compulsory 12,word Independent Research Essay must be written on a topic related to the chosen specialist degree.

You are required to choose your modules prior to the start of your programme of study. You will be given access to the module selection process after you have been made and accepted your unconditional offer. The Masters level taught modules offered in the Faculty of Laws have varying methods of delivery and assessment, and the modules on offer can change from year to year. For more details of each module, including weekly contact hours, teaching methods and assessment, please refer to the Modules page.

There are no requirements or conditions for your module choices; you may take any combination of credit and credit modules, regardless of which term s they are taught in or how they are assessed. However, you are advised to carefully consider the teaching and assessment load for your chosen modules. When planning your programme of study you must ensure you do not select any modules that take place at the same time on the same day.

Modules worth credits are full-year modules and are taught at the same day and time in both Term One and Two. An earlier interview with Andrew Duncan I find some Cambridge poetry utterly obscure. There is this social background of a very strict power hierarchy based on intelligence rankings set by competitive tests. The poem works as one of these tests. A lot of good material here now. A nice, big, very New Yorky ezine. Welcome to Aristotelian bastardization, a Derrida slum, and anon sense.

Sous Rature features work of erasure, inadequacy, and otherwise. Also, images and art. This is a necessary endeavor. This is a new little ezine from Leeds, now with a lively poetry scene. Its taste is original.

Featuring poets, flash fiction writers, authors, musicians, and artists — we aim to bring you the finest in Brutalist writing from across the globe.

None of the names are familiar to me, but this blogzine is pretty funky. The Brutalists seem mired in unoriginal knee-jerk jerk-off post-punk self-publicity; but straightfromthefridge is worth your detailed perusal, and gives indications of yet another nexus of would-be alternative poets who are so hard and real!

And in limited hand-made art editions too! Current issue of Billy Cancel, J. Tom Chivers, Stress Fractures: Essays on Poetry ; ed. Full of good things; reviews particularly to be recommended. You can also access a range of other blogs produced by Jim L, of which the most active are: In particular, it seeks to reconcile a close attention to the technical aspects of verse art with these wider questions for thinking, broadly conceived.

As well as publishing essays by literary critics, it posts recordings of poets discussing and reading the works of other poets. The use of the word "verse" tends to induce projectile vomiting in me. Despite the poisonously prissy academicism such language indicates, this is potentially fascinating and serious.

The press also produces books and chapbooks of poetry and experimental prose. We publish poems and very short prose in two formats: An Introduction, Part 1. Current issue on the language of flowers is haunting and intriguing, worth investigating but has been around a long time! Trickhouse is a quarterly curatorial project.

Our mission is to serve as an environment for visual art, writing, sound, video, interviews, essays, and experiments. We are interested in the generative nature of collaboration, the notion that temporary venues can suggest intriguing strategies for engagement and community, the proximity of medium and genre, the possibilities within given venues site-specific work , and the unformed and the raw; the polished and the pristine. A vast wealth of non-writing-based texts: And all the found material.

And the downloadable e-books including Peter Manson, Adjunct: And the Philip Guston drawings. And the Gertrude Stein plays. And the Samuel Beckett and Harold Pinter plays. And the ethnopoetics section curated by Jerome Rothenberg. And 40 Years of Polish Experimental Radio. Lots of Fluxus material.

This is the actual mainstream of culture: And the original, Dada magazine. And some Bern Porter too. This is a very exciting and eclectic site, both eclectic and purposeful.

Can I quote their piece on poetry submissions: We assume a base level of writing skill. We do not assume you know how to spell, but we assume you know how to work a spellchecker. If you do not, be braced for a nasty note and a really firm pinch. We assume a basic familiarity with the rules of English grammar, but are very open to grammatical experimentation. We are not, however, interested in poets who are simply ignorant of how to use an exclamation point. Given that base level of writing skill, we are interested in the socially relevant and the radically experimental.

We are only interested in those poetic works that comment on society in some way. However, we believe that art which greatly pushes the boundaries of form or content inherently comments on society since we believe, however naively, that art and society are linked. We have read an enormous amount of poetry in a wide variety of genres. The successor to Unlikely Stories.

It owes its name and mission to the genre of mosaic called the asarotos oikos, or unswept floor. The journal seeks to present texts that talk to, about, or behind the backs of other texts; praising or unpraising texts; texts that transform, renovate, reiterate, or pointedly ignore. We have a strong preference for experimental, avant-garde, and post modern poetry, art, and audio. This blogzine edited by Matina L. Bennett and Geoffrey D. These are both excellent introductions to the work of this Dada-inspired American post-Language avant-garde.

Vispo Langu im age: Dedicated to life, poetry, and the ABCs of a new art. Amazingly entertaining and fun — a lot of e-literature is very po-faced. This site is delightfully and totally creative. A literary shoot-em-up computer game—the battle of poetry against itself and the forces of dullness. This is open to all. The site is full of jpegs of the books, plus details of the exhibitions.

Plus an extensive second hand catalogue specialising in modernist poetry from small presses. This is a good place to visit. There was no one idea for this journal, it emerged in the doing, in the conversations we had along the way. Partly, we wanted to make something that could document the merging and shifting modalities of poetic practice.

Who is making poetry and how? In this way we saw the internet as a way of allowing for a range of media possibilites in one place, in addition to being cheap and accessible. Or sound like one. Built slowly, tinkered with.

Beautiful Australian ezine with intriguing work upon it, textual and multimedia. It is a special feature on and takes its name from the work of Sydney poet and vocal artist, Amanda Stewart, presenting a selection of her work from the last twenty years.

Second "Collection" focuses on investigating translation in interesting and fruitful ways. Material also from projects based on the PoetryEtc listserv. Cross Cultural Poetics , "a biannual interdisciplinary journal of poetry, poetics, experimental ethnography, and cultural and performance studies", edited by Mark Nowak. Streetnotes has a wide range of interesting material linking poetry reportage and images. We are interested in progressive, experimental work that explores new forms and ideas.

Opposable Dumbs by Tina Darragh, and Object Now up to eight or nine fascinatingly different embodiments of textuality. This section is organised by name of blog or website; equivalent section in Quick Links is organised by name of poet.

The poems are organized into 9 parts of 9 poems each, and cycle through 8 themes. Publication forthcoming from penned in the margins. The text is of the zombie genre. You may or may not regret reading it. Go there now for the Cramps videos: In the first month of each pair a clue will be set for the other to respond to. Then the collection will be turned into a pdf. This site is being maintained by an independent body.

Quit This Pampered Town is his previous blog embarrassingly successful! Includes his map of his 7-volume work on modern British poetry, the Affluence work. Handlist of late 20th century poets part 1 , Handlist of late 20th century poets part 2: Mid century poets — starts with Richard Aldington, ends with persons becoming known c , and is genuinely catholic in the good sense as it were. Biography, bibliographies, notes on poems, essays, and uncollected poems.

Try also his podomatic site for a whole mass of audio material by himself and others including The Smallest Arts Festival In The World , and The Days, How They Pass , daily poems over a year, posted up as podcasts of 20 with images. Great creative energy here. Pages from Underworld can be seen further on William James Austin: A hell of a lot of interesting stuff is going on here. There is also The Sticky Pages Press blog for his publishing activities, very interesting little physical book poems.

Also try his johnmbennettpoetry blog for texts and news. Books published by www. Explore, too, the form she has invented in Hay na ku Poetry. Has news, information, some older poems and links; Hafta Hafta: I enjoy its at times distanced but always informed view of alternative poetry culture.

More audio material on her MySpace. Well worth perusing and studying. He knows what he is doing. Poetic Letters from England", and some very well-informed critical writing also. These are also available as audio downloads on the site.

The website of this long-practising visual and sound poet, an early collaborator with Bob Cobbing. A remarkable body of work. A good little biography, an mp3, and two links. There are also two short videos on YouTube by Ian Davidson: Harsh 15 and Harsh Now complete at dclxvi posts. This is heroic activity! This is a paradise. The End of Everything Soft and Kind Clive Fencott was a major collaborator with Bob Cobbing, mainly mid 70s to mid 80s, with more interest in computing since.

His home page has some fun interactive material as well as information on publications and performances. Peter Finch was leading figure of the fabled but real like King Arthur British Poetry Revival of the 60s and early 70s. He remains active yet in Cardiff, as a poet and cultural force. His website is excellent: Some excellent writing on British and Welsh poetry, and good advice to aspiring writers.

Class them as e-literature if you want; enjoy them! WN Herbert has many online presences, but this is the best starting place though it is in fact the child of Gairspace. It will lead you to the blog gairnet provides: Another live blog is The Lost Notebook I lost my notebook. Have you seen it? Now I must remember everything that was in it.

And there are three collaborative blogs you may find interesting and informative fun: Blogaria This blog records interactions between two groups of poets, one from the North East of England, and the other from Sofia, Bulgaria. And in addition a superb gathering of links to visual poetry elsewhere on the net. Produced by one Pothwith — David Wheatley. More power to him! Beautiful, frightening and mind altering. With reference, potentially, to the works of Maurice Blanchot, T.

A useful gathering of poems and essays by the last of the objectivist poets, as part of Light and Dust Anthology of Poetry. First Chapter Saloon gives the first chapters of a large number of his fictions. And there are three interesting collaborative blogs you may find interesting and informative fun: Crucial in every respect! Richard also has his own MySpace presence. Recent issues of Painted, Spoken are now available as pdfs on the site. A Poetry Resource Center" as an introduction to modernist poetry in the American tradition Ms Jarnot actually says "the Western Tradition", but that may depend where you put the West.

And a huge blogroll! More serious literary material on his Wordpress blog. She gives a lot of information on her poems and art, plus the text of her long poem, Paradise and Inferno , on the Iraq War. The website of the Scottish poet Gerry Loose, with poems online or linked. Two interesting blogs, described as journals and written respectively in Finland and Scotland, are Saari Seasons and Carbeth: Minimalist poet, minimalist lifestyle has some unpublished poems and more normal bloggy stuff.

I was delighted to see he is still very active. Piers Hugill began this blog on the French Jewish poet, theorist of poetry, theorist of language, Henri Meschonnic.

If deep draughts of theory are your thing, gulp it down! Prynne, and every avant-garde movement from Baudelaire but even before too — viz. Check out also the Wanda Phipps Band MySpace presence for more superb musical presentations of her poems. Very beautiful presentations of music and language.

A site dedicated to interviewing writers and others. While they make soup. Very useful use of hyperlinks to refer out. His more personal blog, with poems etc, is brokenloop.

The "news" section links to blogs with material by or on him. There is a lot of useful information, a place where student essays can be published, and a fair number of poems. Older, now static blog Alan Morrison, Poet has bare links, information and poems. Notes on Film — awe-inspiring coverage.

Huge if unordered list of links. Another reminder of the 70s, though somewhat different from Paul Matthews above. Opal L Nations was a vivid presence in the avant-garde, with total, corrosive neo-dada absurdism.

Read his works and despair! See Shellsuit Massacre for his more aggressive aural activities. Good things out of Edinburgh, that city of culture and darkness. He has also a homepage , with material and links concerned with his own writing. Her work addresses the possibility of reciprocation between art and writing; practice and everyday life; production and circulation. Projects usually take the form of performance, objects or text. Tamarin is currently artist writer in residence at Modern Art Oxford.

Lots of audio, video, some photos — enter the world of art writing. Poets and their Cats: The Black Arts; kitsch images; Black Humour; Against Capitalism; for slackers, Wastrels; Against Dynamic growth; for long-lingering- malingering -cultivation through book reading.

Will contain blasphemous images of Jesus. Some texts are fragments of academic work while some are process pieces resting at this site for exploratory means. Holly Pester has been working with live poetry and critical writing for three years.

Go directly to it now! Mainstream and original poetry: There are also back issues of Angel Exhaust, More up-to-date material is on his current Angel Exhaust blog. His other blog is text messenger: Dominic Fox is a writer and programmer living and working in London. Her MySpace page , including reading to music, is really impressive! Poetry editor of the Morning Star. And founder of Zafusy. It has a little about Jody Porter, some poems, and lots of poems from the Morning Star , by eg Alan Morrison, Alistair Noon , articles etc from a range of others — a good place to encounter a gathering of poets and poetry with a clear political ring.

Seriously interesting cross-media performance work, which website provides a mere pointer at I fear. Interesting things happening here. Our 4 best friends: Green", contains poem texts, hypertext works, soundworks, scripts, all that Brother Paul can offer us. But with what is effectively a very live and active blog. Some interesting observations are indeed made. But the site is now invitation only — wtf?

Do check out the Sad Press books listings, and the sound files available. You will also wish to consult too the very live franciscrot. I get a sense of someone trying to write good poetry, reflective of his experience of this world, and being both direct and adventurous in his use of language and poetic formal properties.

I would like to consider him a part of the British Innovative Poetry community, on the grounds that he possesses "the root of the matter". Haikus and other short syllabic poems based on a random word and linked with a picture , which is also very enjoyable.

I hope you like this work. This play for voices, commissioned by London Word Festival , has just been published by Penned in the Margins. There is a genuinely new linguistic and conceptual space being explored. The most important American poetry blog. Hannah has also a splendid Hannah Silva MySpace presence. Official Unofficial Website Sanctioned by Author.

All ye faithful need to know, and more! The great man is stalked, and accepts it. There are also poems by Steve Fowler on his blog, blutkitt poetry. See also her poets et al: I am delighted that David Bircumshaw is back in action on the Web, with ever more fresh material on his site. Martin Stannard has a beautiful site. A lot of stuff, all very worthwhile, both poems, and criticism. This is delightful and profound art. It is delighful yes, I said that just above — both these sites are!

He should have a MySpace presence really. This is where English Modernism entered the world from. Andrew Taylor Poetry contains ditto plus more poetry, visual poetry and images. Theatre, art, poetry, music, London, the weather, airports, sudden fury, different music, still not cutting down on sugary snacks, film, horses, people doing sin, incidents, refractions, the entire dark dream outside.

The blog of the very and multi-talented Chris Goode, writer, performer, performance-writer, performance-arranger and director, his deeds and his thoughts always interesting.

Mighty American academic literary monument, The Kenyon Review , hosts a selection of her poems, and some of the academic papers delivered at a academic symposium on her work as poet and poetic theorist. Hardly entry level material here.

Changing the Subject in the Poetry of Veronica Forrest-Thomson is probably the clearest introduction to her situation and her importance. See Beneath the Underground entry under Readings for further details. In the meantime, here is a man who has kept the faith and kept the poetry going. This man is talented and inventive! Note from John Tranter: This site began in It is not a weblog, updated every day.

Instead, it grows gradually, and is designed to be a long-term useful resource for people wanting to know about my life and my work. It is already over a thousand pages long. Here you can read my poems, and read about my life. There are interviews with me and reviews of my books not all the reviews are favourable! John Tranter is a great Australian poet; as founder of Jacket a great online poetry editor and explicator, and creator of a site that presented Innovative British Poetry to a wide audience through the late 90s and the 00s, a crucial period of growth and establishment.

Music frames poems; poems shape music. They "operate at the edges of disciplinary boundaries through an integrated visual-spatial-poetic practice. Engaging with sites of architectural and socio-cultural significance, we expose and re-contextualise the site in question through performance, installation and time-based media. Breathtaking and haunting images on the website.

Lawrence has now restored his online presence, with a site full of his material, links to it, and information. James will also be organising a number of public events throughout the residency.

The primary purpose of this site is to make the complete work of Fred Wah available. The site also records what Fred Wah is doing right now. Look here for announcements about upcoming and recent readings, as well as audio, video and image files of and textual information about those readings.

In the case of recently published and available work, portions of the text will be available here with a link to the publisher. Annotated bibliographical information has been included for all works. The site will soon include a wide range of secondary and critical material published from the s to the present. New digitized works are being uploaded daily.

What more could be wished for? Wah is a superb Canadian poet, whose work you ought to know. An experimental poetry and poetics page since Here I will sporadically post material related to my ongoing research into contemporary poetry and philosophy including readings of poets and philosophers resulting from my seminars at Brunel University, London.

Some very informed and perceptive commentary on the nature of poetry and the poetic line makes it very appealing. You will like his run through of Charles Bernstein "Girly Man" , discussing in shocked horror the elements of normative poetics. Very detailed recent work uses the ideas of Giorgio Agamben to apply to current avant-garde writing: See the site she has set up, Land Diagrams: The Red Plates video is frightening and astonishing.

Proetics was his poem and personal blog. A model for internet use in literature, and a valuable aid for reading a great and still challenging poet.

Forgive me, dear podcasters, feedgetters and techno-audiophiles. Toth, John Lowther and others in current issue. Title is from a famous Bob Cobbing quote. Creating, performing and publishing new sound and intermedia arts. Begun in , based in London, the project is designed to allow poets to acknowledge their influences or their contemporaries, and to read work they would not normally have the chance to read. There is no stylistic bias, no dictim of method or direction to the poetry.

That being said, many of the poets featured represent the breadth of contemporary British poetry and the remarkable, and often underappreciated, lineage of innovative and avant-garde poetry in the UK. Another excellent SJ Fowler project! Nine poets and 18 pieces are now available for download HERE. Hosted on F L U X: The international Late Modernist avant-garde survives in fighting form! A lot of very original and powerful video and audio.

As the Williams Carlos Williams referencing title indicates A poem is a [large or small] machine made out of words , their choice is interesting, with a truly superb "Red Wheelbarrow". A poem is a little machine for remembering itself ; the Williams quote is far more accurate and fruitful.

We provide space and a platform for experimentation into AV and digital poetry in all shapes and sizes. Includes picture poems, and various audio, audiovisual and video formats, including a Vimeo channel.

Thank you, Steve Fowler! Continually adding to its material. The Joe Milford Poetry Show prides itself on its candid and organic nature infused with a lively discussion of poetics, genre, the writing process, and myriad theories and movements of poetry.

Join us once a week for regularly scheduled shows on Saturdays at 5pm Eastern Time, and watch for special edition shows by announcement. A very good range of contemporary American innovative poets lecturing and reading, plus Geraldine Monk and Alan Halsey, and Tom Pickard. Lots of audio and video of their own, plus links to yet more! The cup, she runneth over.

Dwight Frizzell, Beyond the black crack. Eg Gertrude Stein, Bob Cobbing. A great on-line resource. It has a lot of potential, and is only to be encouraged.

Well done, Andrew Motion! Interesting programming for Great Works habitues are:. Hosted by Ed Pinsent, sometimes with guest presenters.

Material can include virtually any form of contemporary music or sound-art, for example improvised music, drones, modern composition, minimalism, sound poetry, electronica, laptop music, noise, or songs. The CDs can be purchased from Carcanet Press. ShellSuit Massacre is two poets, who find their verse in a variety of sources: ASBOs, government policy, knife crime, social work failure, the media and boredom. One poet is nick-e melville. There is other audio material on the site, but I found it very difficult to locate.

A 36 min documentary made by Steve Willey. The documentary features eleven poets that have been published by Writers forum over a period of 50 years: Established in , it is committed to the publication of new work in tangible forms. By generating a network of correspondence, Test Centre documents and circulates the output of an emerging literary scene.

We are a rather new press, we independently publish experimental mp3 poets in a very, very cool digital E-Book format. Alex Walker and Alex Thomas make fine, frightening noises together. The poet reads "Hot White Andy". On the New Statesman site! Hope in the old Staggers and Naggers yet! This archive has over recordings of writers from all disciplines and includes both readings of their work and discussions which afford an insight into their creative process.

An active interest in innovative poetry in the 70s and 80s has given Warwick a large number of interesting recordings of readings and talks. Note that not all sites in this category contain texts online. The situation should be clear from the explanatory paragraphs. Interesting interview with Ian Heames on Triquarterly Online.

Produced by Larry Lynch from Dartington. I pay it respects for that, and in British terms that makes it oppositional, in a now alas quirky and cranky way. There are poems, essays and artwork on its website. If you have access — check these out: The great poetry magazine of the 90s has a partial existence on the Internet. And it has a revived print existence — seek it out!

It is run by the poet Harry Godwin. Initial publications were in alarmingly small editions, but it is promised there will be more copies available from Harry Godwin, Richard Barrett, Rebecca G Rosier, Linus Slug, Nat Raha and Michael Zand — emergent and innovative talent indeed, with more coming! Plus news of poetic events in Falmouth.

It has the full contributions of Che Qianzi and J. Prynne, plus further excerpts and readings. Current issue includes figures such as Anthony Joseph and Sean Borodale. Website holds some snippets of magazine as pdfs. The Cambridge is very much the Cambridge of Cambridge poetry, with a wide range of figures published, and the first issue indeed focused on that "school" or leisure centre. A fair amount of material online. Capsule is edited by Edmund Hardy and James Wilkes.

Graphic design is by Lina Hakim. We are also interested in poetry and diagrams. Lyrical and almost epigrammatic in form, the poems wistfully evoke the dooms and disappointments of youth in the English countryside. Through their song-settings, the poems became closely associated with that era, and with Shropshire itself. Housman was one of the foremost classicists of his age and has been ranked as one of the greatest scholars who ever lived. His editions of Juvenal , Manilius and Lucan are still considered authoritative.

Two of his siblings became prominent writers, sister Clemence Housman and brother Laurence Housman. Though Housman obtained a first in classical Moderations in , his dedication to textual analysis, particularly of Propertius , led him to neglect the ancient history and philosophy that formed part of the Greats curriculum.

Accordingly, he failed his Finals and had to return humiliated in Michaelmas term to resit the exam and at least gain a lower-level pass degree. Housman was indifferent to philosophy and overconfident in his exceptional gifts, and he spent too much time with his friends.

After Oxford, Jackson went to work as a clerk in the Patent Office in London and arranged a job there for Housman too. When he returned briefly to England in , to marry, Housman was not invited to the wedding and knew nothing about it until the couple had left the country.

Meanwhile, Housman pursued his classical studies independently, and published scholarly articles on such authors as Horace , Propertius , Ovid , Aeschylus , Euripides and Sophocles. When asked later why he had stopped writing about Greek verse, he responded, "I found that I could not attain to excellence in both. He also edited works by Juvenal and Lucan Many colleagues were unnerved by his scathing attacks on those he thought guilty of shoddy scholarship.

His younger colleague A. Gow quoted examples of these attacks, noting that they "were often savage in the extreme". According to Gow, Housman when teaching at University College London where, unlike Cambridge, he had students of both sexes could never remember the names of his female students, maintaining that "had he burdened his memory by the distinction between Miss Jones and Miss Robinson, he might have forgotten that between the second and fourth declension".

In his private life Housman enjoyed gastronomy , flying in aeroplanes and making frequent visits to France, where he read "books which were banned in Britain as pornographic". Benson , a fellow don, as being "descended from a long line of maiden aunts".

He did not speak in public about his poems until , when he gave a lecture "The Name and Nature of Poetry", arguing there that poetry should appeal to emotions rather than to the intellect.

Housman died, aged 77, in Cambridge. Loveliest of trees, the cherry now Loveliest of trees, the cherry now Is hung with bloom along the bough, And stands about the woodland ride Wearing white for Eastertide. Now, of my threescore years and ten, Twenty will not come again, And take from seventy springs a score, It only leaves me fifty more. And since to look at things in bloom Fifty springs are little room, About the woodlands I will go To see the cherry hung with snow.

During his years in London, A. Housman completed A Shropshire Lad , a cycle of 63 poems.

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