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Constitution Questions and Answers

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❶Other changes to the Constitution are discussed below.

The US Constitution: Articles, Amendments, and the Bill of Rights

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The Framers of the Constitution felt that it was very important to protect intellectual How does the Constitution of the US contradict or come in conflict with itself? Perhaps the most obvious contradiction in the Constitution is the contradiction with regard to slavery. In the Constitution, all Americans are given the right to various liberties. According to Patrick Henry, "The Constitution represented a counter-revolution.

In this, the Constitution could be seen as opposite of the spirit of revolution Does the Fourth Amendment specifically protect privacy? I think that the Fourth Amendment was designed to safeguard the idea of privacy. It is not mentioned anywhere in the Constitution in the most specific of terms, but it is hinted at in many How did the original version of the U.

The words "slavery" and "slave" do not appear anywhere in the Constitution. However, the Constitution did have three provisions that were directly related to slavery. These all simply assumed Did our founding fathers intend for the Fourth Amendment to protect intangible privacy? I think that the notion of privacy was a part of the Fourth Amendment.

There is a strong understanding that there is a boundary between public and private, and government must recognize this Does the literal text of the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution specifically protect privacy?

The literal text of the Fourth Amendment says the following: The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall Do you agree with the strict or loose constructionists with regard to historical issues about Historically, this issue played out in controversies over such things as the Bank of the United States and the Louisiana Purchase. In the historical context, I am inclined to side with the loose Does anyone have any tips and tricks to help remember the amendments to the Constitution?

I think that you can use the web to help you in order to come up with different ways to memorize the amendments. Was the Constitution intended to establish democracy? The Constitution of the United States acts as the rule of law and is the foundation of the American Government system. It outlines three branches of government -- Legislative, Executive, and Patrick Henry described the Constitution as "counter-revolution.

The reason for this is that many of the provisions of the Constitution are much more conservative and less radical than the principles of the Revolution, as seen in documents like the Declaration The previous items in the list are all very specific What are some arguments for why the Federalists were right and the Antifederalists were wrong There are two lines of argument that you should use here.

First, you should argue that having a strong national government was better than having strong states. You should point out that, under What is your point of view of the 1st Amendment? There are so many aspects to the First Amendment that it is hard to have a point of view on the amendment as a whole.

If you are asking about one specific part of the amendment, please let us Explain why the system of having three branches of government is an important of our system of Another term for the system of having three branches of government is "separation of powers. What system of government did the Framers use to solve their problems at the Constitution The best answer for this is to say that the Framers used a federal system of government to solve their problems. The government was also democratic, but that was not the aspect of it that solved What is the importance of the 8th Amendment?

The 8th Amendment is perhaps less important in terms of rights than other amendments in the Bill of Rights. It does, however, work to protect us from potential tyranny by the government. What is the importance of the Seventh Amendment? The Seventh Amendment is important because it protects us from having our rights abused by the government.

It ensures that the government cannot simply "railroad" us into prison on flimsy charges What is the importance and significance of the Fifth Amendment? The Fifth Amendment is important mainly because it protects us from having our rights abused by the government.

It protects us from having the government take our freedom or our property without What is the importance of the 4th Amendment? The Fourth Amendment is very important because it protects us from unresonable intrusions by the government. It protects us from the prospect of a police state in which the government is free to What is the importance of the 1st Amendment to the Constitution? The First Amendment is first for a reason.

It is in many ways the most important and significant of the amendments. It is the First Amendment that protects our most important political rights and What does the Bill of Rights consist of? These amendments were introduced as a way to placate people most of them antifederalists who were What are some examples of concurrent power between state and national governments?

Concurrent powers are those powers which are given both to the national government and to the state governments. These can be exercised separately by the two levels of government. In which Articles in the Constitution can you find information about the rules and procedures The answer to this is that the procedure for amending the Constitution is to be found in Article V of the document. The process for amending the Constitution is all that is found in that article In which Articles of the Constitution can you find information about the rules and procedures The Constitution goes into very little detail as to how the various states were to be governed.

What the Constitution does say on the issue can be found in Article IV. In Article IV, the The idea that the Constitution is the supreme law of the land is found only in one article of the Constitution. It is found in Article VI.

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Answer: The United States Constitution replaced the Articles of Confederation. The Articles of Confederation was the result of a Congress hesitant to grant centralized power. The Articles of Confederation was the result of a . Bright Hub Education can help! Below you will find a collection of articles about the Constitution — all geared toward kids. Below you will find a collection of articles about the Constitution — all geared toward kids.