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❶His key interests are in business development, strategic relations and architecture for internet and mobile based companies. Instead, his father took him on a tour of several charities that needed the money more.

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Winter Training update. February 14 Chapter Meeting — Cyber Threats: Andy is in town to secure land for an aircraft factory. All goes well until the greedy landowner ups his price.

Forman fills his shoes well. Judge Hardy, the family patriarch previously played by Lewis Stone, appears only in a portrait. The actor passed away in and it was wise of MGM not to re-cast the role.

This was clearly an attempt to re-start the Hardy family series, with Mr. Tall and handsome Johnny Weissmuller Jr. This was the first screen appearance for young Weissmuller, who was obviously the son of the "Tarzan" and "Jungle Jim" actor. Showing good judgment, MGM did not continue the Hardy movie series, which seemed better suited for s television, anyway. Perhaps appropriately, the characters next appeared in an early s TV series pilot, with Jimmy Hawkins as young Andy.

Alas, the situation comedy stalled and the Hardys were history. Andy, now a lawyer in L. At first, many of his old friends are ecstatic to see him, but after a greedy landowner reneges on his original offer of cheap land, Andy is accused of deceiving the citizens. The years have matured not only Mickey Rooney, but his character of Andy Hardy as well. While his old girlfriend Polly is only seen in an old MGM still, sequences show such now famous stars as Judy Garland, Lana Turner and Esther Williams in scenes from the early years of the series.

The ending brings though a nice little twist that wraps up the series very respectfully. Rooney is still working at this writing at the age of 90, which makes me wonder what Andy Hardy would be doing today as the patriarch of his family. After an absence of fourteen years, the Andy Hardy series is resumed with this attempt to regain the magic of the previous fifteen episodes.

Most of the original cast returns. But this film feels entirely different. The original script would have had Andy reconnect with Polly, but instead he returns to dear old Carvel a married man, with a family on the west coast.

And I am glad for the change, because I never thought of Polly as a pleasant, reliable young woman. The story is about Andy returning home on a business trip, to locate land for a manufacturing plant. His efforts are thwarted by an unscrupulous businessman and small-town fears.

Andy yearns to rediscover the hometown of his youth, but finds that emotional ties can fray. The story lacks the energy and comedy of the earlier Andy Hardy installments. We also find out he moved to LA and is now coming back to his hometown of Carvel in order to work out a deal to build a factory there as a lawyer representing a plane company.

Looks like other older sis Joan from A Family Affair is conveniently forgotten. Chuck Cunninghamed, in other words! No Judge Hardy since Lewis Stone had long passed but his portrait is prominently displayed in his room so that was a nice touch.

Let me now make note of what happened to the series players: Fay Holden retired after this and died on June 23, Sara Haden guested on various TV series before retiring in She died on September 15, Cecilia Parker rarely acted after this, her last role being in She passed away on July 25, Secret of the Tomb. When it was released months after his death on April 6, , it carried a dedication to him as well as Robin Williams who also died after filming his appearance in it but before its release.

Tom Barrister 21 December The studio, suffering like so many others from the zooming popularity of television, was hoping to make more than one of the "new" Andy Hardy movies. Unfortunately, this film got a mediocre reception from both critics and theater-goers alike, and MGM abandoned the idea of continuing the series. Beyond those four, the cast is new. The movie itself is a disappointment, at least to me.

The Hardy house is nothing like it had been in the original movies. There are only a few flashbacks; they are too short and are seemingly randomly placed without rhyme or reason. The lighting is much brighter and upbeat than it was in the original series, and the effect destroys the old image. Generic sophistication takes the place of charming simplicity. There are several scenes involving teens of that era doing such things as rock-and-rolling. Apparently, MGM wanted to appeal to both fans of the old movies and the modern audience such as teens.

If box office receipts and critical reviews are any indication, the middle- of-the-road approach managed to please neither group. The recreation by Andy and his son of a "man to man talk", an attempt to match the same by Andy and Judge Stone, falls flat on its face. Of note, this movie was the screen debut for the sons of two famous stars: This film even ends with a "To be Continued I must admit that I admire the attempt but in the end the screenplay is just way too weak to work.

One problem is that we get three or four flashbacks to previous films and this just makes this film seem lazy. We get all sorts of jokes about him being old and his mingling with some teenagers comes off rather silly, if slightly entertaining. Some of this might be due to the fact that Lewis Stone passed away five years before this film was made and his talent is certainly missing here.

Perhaps had they tried something earlier or at least came up with a better screenplay. JohnHowardReid 25 February The screenplay indulges him by having him almost continually on-stage, and the direction and camerawork, like the script, pander to him by framing him square in the middle of almost every camera set-up.

Moreover, he is allowed to hog the camera in long, static takes. Nostalgia-lovers will be disappointed by the small amount of footage Cecilia Parker has. Her part is almost a walk-on. We see a bit more of Sara Haden looking hardly a day older and a lot more of Fay Holden who is completely unrecognizable. The producer muffed the opportunity to use the original "Beezy", George Breakston, which could have given the film some interest, and instead uses a ring-in, Joey Forman.

Production values, in fact, are minimal. The original Hardy sets were struck long ago and no attempt has been made to reproduce them here. The film has only one asset in the extremely attractive Pat Cawley who enlivens every scene in which she appears. There are many new cast members but that is to be expected. Andy had grown up and thus acts the part with the maturity I would expect. I liked that his values mirrored his fathers, which most reviewers did not appreciate.

Thought it was warm and fuzzy but hey I like that in these kind of movies. Happy endings are not always a bad thing. It could have gone on but in itself was a good conclusion to the Hardy series.

That a person can still watch and enjoy these movies on internet mediums is really great. When I was a kid there of course were only reruns. Films directed by Howard W. Shield for Murder Big House, U. Retrieved from " https: English-language films films s comedy films American comedy films American films American black-and-white films Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer films.

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Andy Hardy Comes Home It was made 12 years after the previous Hardy film, and was an attempt to revive what had once been an enormously popular series. However, the film fell short of box office projections and the series did not brokerstopaarmy.cfng: Mickey Rooney, Patricia Breslin, Fay Holden.

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Andrew "Andy" Hardy is a fictional character played by Mickey Rooney in a Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer film series from to , Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. (August ). It seems hastily thrown-together, and it's probably a good thing that the producers declined to resume the series. 1 out of 2 found this helpful. Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote Watching Andy Hardy Comes Home I couldn't help thinking that Carvel was shortly going to move south, acquire a North Carolina accent and become Mayberry.

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